Workmanship is the set of activities carried out for the implementation of the investment and the related management and control activities. During the implementation, the goal to be achieved (creation of a new state, complete execution of an intention) will be successfully achieved in accordance with the plans.
The workmanship represents the stage of the investment where the imagined intention becomes a physical reality by means of professional work, i.e. the building/structure/equipment is carried out and constructed. The envisaged ideas should always be implemented on the basis of approved plans, if necessary authorised, in accordance with the legislation in force. The result of the construction and construction is the construction/structure or parts thereof, which can be used as intended and safely.

We undertake the complete implementation of the following:

  • Manufacture and installation of industrial halls
  • During investments, pre-construction landscaping and landscaping
  • Manufacture and assembly of stainless steel structures
  • Manufacture and installation of building steel frame structures
  • Manufacture of other metal structures for buildings (eg railings, stairs), on-site assembly
  • Manufacture and installation of aluminum curtain walls
  • Manufacture of pressure vessels
  • Technological operations (sheet metal bending, sheet metal rolling, plasma cutting, machine cutting, sandblasting)
  • Industrial welding
  • Installation of technological lines and production equipment of factories
  • Relocation, movement and craneing of appliances and equipment
  • Installation and commissioning of production technologies
  • Technological piping
  • Construction work in building engineering
  • Installation of fire protection systems, sprinkler systems
  • Installation of cooling systems and climates
  • Thermal and sound insulation technical tasks and related mechanical constructions/installations
  • Building engineering installations and constructions
  • Energy upgrades
  • Facade renovation and master works
  • Paving
  • Water facilities, environmental investments

Responsible technical management

The use of a responsible technical manager is mandatory for all licensees on construction sites and recultivations. Our company undertakes the responsible technical management of architectural investments, mining renovations and recultivation of landfills, ensuring that the construction is done according to the plan and technically according to the standards. Enforcing the applicable rules and regulations during construction.

Technical inspection

Under current law, for any construction site where several professions (several contractors) represent themselves, the owner is obliged to hire a technical inspector.
In carrying out our duties as technical inspectors, we undertake the continuous monitoring, inspection and enforcement of the technical content specified in the plan, thereby ensuring that the works are carried out professionally and economically according to your needs.

Coordination and complete management of demolition work

We undertake the full execution of demolition tasks, from obtaining a demolition permit to demolishing the building/structure to be demolished, including the removal of the resulting debris.
In each of the technologies suitable for the demolition of the building, we have a significant fleet of machines and a skilled team of specialists, thereby providing precision, fast and safe work for the most suitable demolition work for the customer’s needs and for the demolition task.

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