We are committed to the environment tasks of our company with our experienced experts, including the implementation of the design and implementation tasks related to the subject. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Environmental trust services

In the case of carrying out activities involving the use of the environment, the user of the environment must employ an environmental protection agent in accordance with Government Decree 93/1996 (VII. 4.).

Within the framework of a flat-rate contract, we undertake the duties of agent for various organizations and undertakings.

Thanks to our many years of professional experience in the field of environmental protection, we are able to perform the duties of trustee effectively. Our specialists provide the best solution for your company.

Our environmental trust services:

  • In case of official administration and inspection, professional representation of the interests of our clients
  • Follow the relevant legislation, update documents.
  • Environmental consultancy to achieve compliance with legal requirements
  • Arranging and conducting of education and training
  • Organizing and conducting environmental measurements and sampling
  • Preparation and submission of declarations and data services
  • Preparation of environmental regulations
  • Informing the client about the requirements of the relevant legislation and their changes
  • Coordination of the preparation of an impact study or review related to the IPPC permit
  • Representation of the organization in case of official control
  • Liaison with competent authorities
  • Defining the tasks arising from the activities of the Client and controlling their performance, in detail
  • Providing a complex service on request, supplemented with ADR, Fire and Occupational Safety

Our services in the field of waste management:

  • Design of containers for the collection of hazardous and other wastes
  • Maintenance of the operating rules of the factory collection point, preparation for official review
  • Providing support in the selection of a waste management (supplier, manager) subcontractor

Our services in the field of air quality protection

  • Preparation of point source operation log samples
  • Coordination of mandatory, accredited measurements.

Our services in the field of water protection

  • Enforcement and supervision of water licences
  • Coordination of the patterning of wells and waste water treatment plants
  • Preparing for and preparing for emergencies (Maintenance of a damage control plan, updating it to the authority)
  • Calculation of water resource contribution

Our noise protection service

  •  Compliance with noise protection requirements, coordination of necessary measurements

Environmental product fee advice and administration

The first domestic marketer or user of products with a product fee shall pay a fee for the weight of the product.

The range of products subject to the product fee is:

  • the battery
  • the packaging
  • other petroleum products,
  • electrical and electronic equipment
  • the tire
  • advertising paper
  • other plastic products
  • other chemical products,
  • the office paper

    Data service, preparation of declarations and reports

    According to the provisions of the LIII Act of 1995 on the protection of the environment, the user is obliged to measure the environmental impact, environmental stress (as defined by law) in the course of his activities, or to provide him with a technological calculation, to record, to make his records available to the competent authorities or to provide data.

    In view of this, the operator (environmental user) of an environmentally-related activity is obliged to make an environmental declaration, reporting or notification to the competent environmental authority.

    We undertake the preparation of all environmental data and water management electronic data and annual declarations (ad hoc, annual, quarterly).



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