Diverse solutions in all areas of industry, be it environmental protection, geotechnical, occupational safety or non-destructive testing.

Environmental sampling and measurements

  • Surface and groundwater sampling and testing
  • Carrying out tasks related to the water supply contribution
  • Sewage and used water sampling and testing
  • Sampling and testing of waste, sewage sludge, compost and solid recyclable fuels
  • Sampling and testing of workplace and ambient air (technological airspace, biogas, waste treatment gas, ground air)
  • Drilling of soil, Sampling and examination of soil and bed sediments
  • Workplace and environmental noise measurement, vibration protection
  • Light metering

Geotechnical investigations

We undertake the preparation of drillings, sampling and professional documentation prior to various design tasks. Subsidence testing, modeling, geotechnical expertise, etc.

Occupational safety tests

  • Periodic mandatory inspection inspection of power tools, installed machine tools and other electrical tools, periodic mandatory inspection, repair of tools.
  • Safety inspection of machines and equipment.
  • Oxygen-acetylene and other gas welding, flame cutting, soldering equipment standardization, safety periodic mandatory inspection review, equipment repair.
  • Electric welding machine plasma cutting equipment contact protection, standard periodic mandatory inspection review, equipment repair.
  • Lifting machine tests.

Non Destructive Tests

Machines and equipment used regularly (e.g. production) are subjected to high forces during operation. Unexpected failures, such as breakage, wear, etc., often cause machines to be pulled out of production. Regular maintenance can reduce machine failure.

The external and internal defects of the materials are un. most effective at detecting hidden defects is non-destructive or debugging tests.

Our company undertakes to carry out non-destructive tests and document them using the following procedures:

  1. Visual inspection (VT),
  2. Liquid Penetration (PT),
  3. Radiography (RT),
  4. Ultrasonic (UT),
  5. Compactness (LT).


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