We undertake to prepare applications and design documentation for different types of environmental permits and to carry out the full implementation of permits, as well as other environmental-related tasks, designs and measurements.

Occupational safety

We have extensive experience in health and safety in many areas of industry. With the help of our higher-qualified specialists, we are capable of carrying out any occupational safety-related tasks. 

Fire protection

Our company has advanced fire safety qualifications who, with decades of experience, help our partners to perform almost any task related to the subject at short notice.

Nature protection

In order to protect nature, we undertake to fully carry out the procedure for authorising activities in the protected natural area or Natura 2000 site, from the preparation of the permission application to the acquisition of an authorisation.

Engineering services

All measurements, tests and sampling related to our fields of expertise by an accredited laboratory organization. Professional evaluations for measurements. In addition, carrying out design tasks and safety investigations.

Management systems

Development, implementation, certification preparation of management systems and internal auditing and development of operated systems. System management and internal auditor training of staff involved in the operation of management systems.

Dangerous transport of goods

We offer our services primarily to businesses that provide dangerous goods by road, rail or sea, inland waterways, etc. transport, freight or associated dispatch procedure, or carry out charging or unloading.

Chemical safety

We offer a wide range of solutions to all businesses where they engage in professional activities with substances, mixtures classified as dangerous, such as manufacturing, distribution, use, etc.

Waste management

The generation of waste is the result of human activity and, as such, the solution or at least management of the resulting problem can only be achieved as a human activity. Contact our experts on this topic.

A few words about us

Enviro Hungary Kft. was founded in 2008 by private individuals, mainly for the development of environmental professional software and commercial activities. However, as the years passed, more and more relevant tasks arose, so our company became involved in several segments of the economy. Such is the environmental industry, construction and insulation areas, trade.
Behind our dynamic company, professionals with decades of professional experience are working to ensure that our clients and partners get the best and most efficient solution. Since its inception, the company has been growing steadily. Our priority tasks include developing international business relations and nurturing existing ones.

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