We will assist your company in all tasks or issues that may arise if you carry dangerous goods or perform a related posting procedure, charging or unloading.

Complete service / dangerous goods safety advice

Any undertaking which transports, freight or carries out packaging, loading, filling or unloading dangerous goods by road, rail, sea, inland water, etc., shall use a Dangerous Goods Safety (ADR) consultant.

We offer our services primarily to these businesses. We provide our partners with a full service, which includes monitoring of the activity related to the transport of dangerous goods, continuous monitoring of the transport process and advice on the activity.


Class 2. Gases
Class 3. Flammable liquids
Class 4.1. Flammable Solids
Class 4.2. Spontaneously Combustible Solids
Class 4.3. Dangerous when Wet
Class 5.1. Oxidizing Agent
Class 5.2. Organic Peroxide Agent
Class 6.1. Poison
Class 6.2. Biohazard
Class 8. Corrosive
Class 9. Miscellaneous

Data services, reports

Our services include the preparation of the annual report. We also undertake the preparation and official coordination of public safety plans related to dangerous goods for our partners and customers.

After accidents and breakdowns occur, we also undertake to prepare documentation of the prescribed accident reports.

We also undertake the preparation and official coordination of public safety plans related to dangerous goods for our partners and customers.

Dangerous industrial protection administration (SEVESO)

The Seveso Directives regulate industrial activities dealing with dangerous substances, their operation, control, safety and health at work.

The Seveso III Directive is currently in force and has come to law on 13 August 2012. In Hungary, it was integrated into the hungarian legal order on 31 May 2015, and from 1 June the application of the legislation is mandatory.

Hazardous substances plants always pose a risk to their environment as a result of their activities. Operators have a purpose and duty to minimise the risks arising from the activities of a hazardous industrial plant. One of its means is to hire or hire a dangerous industrial protection administrator. We are also currently working as administrators in this field.


  • continuous contact with the authority,
  • compliance with relevant legislation,
  • serious accident related to hazardous substances, in case of a malfunction, preparation of a report on the occurrence, information, systematic identification of possible major accident sequences and their initial events (causes), and sending the report to the authority
  • exercising, organizing and evaluating the contents of the internal security plan
  • drawing up a report on the specification, review and implementation of the internal security plan,
  • participation in on-the-spot inspections during official controls.

Packaging technology

In the special packaging area of the goods covered by the ADR, we offer unique quick solutions for the professional packaging and design of the goods, with advice, of course. We mainly recommend products from high-quality European manufacturers.

In addition to packaging dangerous goods, we help you to select, purchase and manufacture individual packaging materials for other goods. We focus mainly on the market for individual and non-mass packaging. We also want to be on the market as a manufacturer in the near future.


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