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Notification of dangerous substance and dangerous mixture

The electronic notification of activities involving dangerous substances/mixtures shall be required by any undertaking engaged in activities involving a dangerous substance/mixture in the field of its profession. Our company assists with the official notification of the hazardous substance/mixture and the conduct of the procedure.

Registration and authorization of new chemicals

Dangerous mixtures may be placed on the market only if they have been labelled and packaged in accordance with the relevant legislation. The classification shall be carried out for each substance and mixture and the labelling and packaging shall be decided according to the classification.

If your company trades and distributes chemical products or other similar dangerous substances and mixtures, your company must also have the appropriate regulatory approval for a product that is a dangerous substance or mixture on the market.

Together with translation, we undertake the official approval of products and the design of label designs.

Electronic reporting of activities with hazardous substances / mixtures

A manufacturer or distributor engaged in activities with a dangerous substance/mixture is obliged to report the activity to the health administration at the same time as the activity begins.

Any undertaking engaged in activities in the profession of dangerous substance/mixture shall be obliged to do so.

Complete REACH registration

The REACH Regulation (the acronym for “Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals”) sets out the requirements for the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals.

Chemicals which are not registered are prohibited from being placed on the market under this Regulation. The Regulation applies to all chemicals, including those used in industrial processes and in households. Any manufacturer or importer who manufactures or imports at least 1 tonne of substances in a mixture or article per year shall be subject to registration.

In case of distribution and import of chemical products subject to registration, we undertake the related registration administration and the compilation of professional documentation.


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