R&D and innovation processes are of paramount importance in increasing the competitiveness of companies. R&D can have a productivity-enhancing effect through the innovation system.
For R&D tasks, particular emphasis should be placed on the design process, which is always carried out in a conceptual workflow to ensure successful results. In many cases, however, the production of input data for the design is problematic or cumbersome, and often the Customer is unable to provide adequate information. In such cases, with the help of our partners, we can determine the necessary design inputs even experimentally.

If necessary, we will carry out a technical assessment, benchmarking of competing products, market research and patent research before starting planning. They can be used to identify areas of research and development where innovation potential is located. The design process is carried out along specific steps using state-of-the-art engineering tools (dFMEA, HOQ, FAST, value analysis, conceptual design methods, function analysis, QFD.

We involve the Customer in the entire design process, since it is the philosophy of the Client to work with the Customer in a team in order to achieve the goal, constantly bearing in mind the customer’s needs. In all cases, during the design process, we present the concepts using 3d modeling, on which the Customer can visually see the future equipment, as well as visually viewable and controllable individual movements. We have analytical, software and finite element systems at our disposal to perform the relevant calculations, which can be used to perform complete engineering calculations.

The design process ends with the implementation of technical documentation and production drawings, but with the help of our subcontractors it is also possible to carry out the production process, during which the production process is continuously monitored and on-site engineering support is provided. We also undertake testing and validation tasks.

Designing process

In the course of the preparation of the plans, we always strive to find the optimal solution to the problem within the specified budget, to the maximum satisfaction of the Customer’s needs. In the course of our work, we constantly consult with our partners to understand their needs accurately and to design the best solution for our customers.

Ideally, production monitoring is also carried out, so that we can respond immediately to the feedback of the production, if necessary the designs can be modified, this is most necessary in the case of prototype production. We work closely with their manufacturing partners, so production is carried out under real engineering supervision.


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